Mark Cedermark was born in Denmark 1975, where he began playing piano and guitar at 12 years of age. when studying at Taarnby Gymnasium 1992-1995 Mark (guitars), Adam Broberg (bass & vox), Stefan Weinreich Mortensen (guitars & vox) and Mark Winther (drums) formed the band Snuff Cameramen and in 1997 they released the album Skinny Dipper. They split up in 1999.

From 2007-2009 Mark played guitar in the band The Good Spririt meanwhile he began writing and producing his own songs and at Rooster Music he got the help needed to go all the way with his songs, working with worldclass producers there!
Apart from composing the songs, Mark makes his own demo productions, and some songs, like Hash House Incident, Sunny Day and The Town, he made entirely himself from scratch.

Mark Cedermark also enjoys making paintings from time to time, and You can see for yourself by clicking the Sol&Mark Gallery tab. Mark has a very naive style, and explains himself it is because he doesn’t care to think too much about what and why he paints. Some say he should stop painting and some people loves (some) of his stuff. Mark says he paints for personal therapeutic reasons and not to impress the world!!

In 2012 Mark lost his right to see his own daughter due to a period of illness, but they have now, finally, been reunited in 2018!! This is why so many of his songs are for and about her, especially on his second studio album ‘Luckiest Guy’. Actually only two of the songs (Lovesick and Only Love) are not about her, Hilde Sol.